How I Gamified My Productivity

Yesterday, I reorganized my office and setup a new project management system system for myself. It’s actually a modified version of what I used to use years ago when I was self-employed. This system has always helped me be more productive, but to make it more fun, I gamified parts of it. And to make… Read More »


Sometimes a song just sums it up so nicely. I refuse to just exist I would rather shoot and miss So I am going to raise my fist And live it limitless. I won’t stay in the shadows all my life. Limitless (featuring Delaney Jones), Adventure Club

Posting for No One

It’s always interesting when you start a new blog, or you start blogging again after not having blogged for awhile.  You are at a point where your new blog or your dormant blog has no real readership yet.  You come up with great ideas for posts, and you post them, and they just sit there,… Read More »

What Is Important

So here we are, another restart.  Sometimes a sabbatical and a mid-life crisis can do you some good.  And sometimes a good movie or two also. I watched The Imitation Game the other day, and have been doing a good year and half worth of thinking about the next phase of my life.  Listened to… Read More »

No Longer Hidden

This past year and a half has been a tough time for me.  Actually, the past several years have been pretty rough on me.  There have been some great things, and great people, but at the same time there has been some major setbacks and a few knives stuck in my back.  I’ve been grumpy,… Read More »

Scott 3.0: A New Playing Field

As I am starting a new chapter in my life, it is fitting that I retire Scott 2.0, and start anew.  I am in a unique position where I have all the benefits of what I have learned from the past, without having the baggage of past career decisions holding me down. The question becomes,… Read More »

Upgrading Scott 2.0

On April 16, 2007, I announced on my blog the beginning of Scott 2.0, a new and improved me, and then continued to blog about it periodically for the next year or so.  It was meant to be a break from the past, embracing new ideas and habits for the future. In some ways Scott… Read More »

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

It is interesting how different the mindset is for working for someone else compared to being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you don’t report to anyone else, except ultimately your customers and investors.  There are no bosses telling you what to do, what strategies to implement, or what measures to meet.  You are the boss,… Read More »

Back to the Caribbean! (at least virtually)

I am proud to announce that after a long hiatus, I am coming back to! After several years of working for corporations, it is time for me to embrace my passions. Instead of slaving away behind a desk at a corporation, I will be passionately working on CaribbeanChoice and my business WisTex. While I did… Read More »