Upgrading Scott 2.0

By | September 29, 2013

On April 16, 2007, I announced on my blog the beginning of Scott 2.0, a new and improved me, and then continued to blog about it periodically for the next year or so.  It was meant to be a break from the past, embracing new ideas and habits for the future.

In some ways Scott 2.0 was a total success.  I embraced the uniqueness of myselfopened up, became more social, both online and offline, meet my awesome wife, and grew as a person.  I developed new skills and was recognized by my peers for the quality of my work and my contribution to them and the company as a whole.

But is some areas, Scott 2.0 did not meet expectations.  My compensation was not where I expected it to be, I made some bad business decisions, had some unfortunate things happen and I strayed from my path.  And ultimately that resulted in me shrinking back on some of the progress I had made.

So looking back, was it a failure or was it a success?  I think that like any new software release, there is the good and the bad, and good developers know that it can always be made better in the next release.  Never ending improvement.

Time to retire Scott 2.0 and start the new iteration which I will blog about in the next post: Scott 3.0.

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