Scott 3.0: A New Playing Field

By | September 29, 2013

As I am starting a new chapter in my life, it is fitting that I retire Scott 2.0, and start anew.  I am in a unique position where I have all the benefits of what I have learned from the past, without having the baggage of past career decisions holding me down.

The question becomes, what shall I create.

While I want to expand on what I have now, I also want to explore some new paths, changing directions at bit.

While I have not fully explored the possibilities, I do know that I want to explore and embrace the author in me.  Sure, I have been writing for many many years, and people have told me they like what they read, but somehow I never felt like an author.  I was just someone who wrote things, like blog & forum posts, technical documentation, and comments.  So the first thing is to embrace the author in me.

Next, I want to rededicate myself to learning.  While it may be true that through researching and reading, I learn everyday, I feel I could learn more.  So I want to expand my knowledge even more.

The fact is, I am not even sure what Scott 3.0 is going to look like when finished.  But I do know that I have a clean slate, and can truly create from nothing, which means I can create anything.

It is exciting times.  A new me.  A reinvented me.  Scott 3.0.

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