Posting for No One

By | May 30, 2015

It’s always interesting when you start a new blog, or you start blogging again after not having blogged for awhile.  You are at a point where your new blog or your dormant blog has no real readership yet.  You come up with great ideas for posts, and you post them, and they just sit there, not doing much.

You know that it takes time to build a following for a new blog, and that you have to be patient, but there is always that thought in the back of your mind that perhaps no one will read anything you said.

You console yourself with the fact that you have received random remarks from people that they enjoy what you write, but looking at your website stats, and you wonder how much have they actually seen.

You wonder if your blog will simply be a personal diary for yourself and perhaps a handful of others, or will you someday receive a following who appreciated your words and insights.

You share yourself with the world, and wonder if anyone will see your light shine.

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