Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

It is interesting how different the mindset is for working for someone else compared to being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you don’t report to anyone else, except ultimately your customers and investors.  There are no bosses telling you what to do, what strategies to implement, or what measures to meet.  You are the boss,… Read More »

Back to the Caribbean! (at least virtually)

I am proud to announce that after a long hiatus, I am coming back to! After several years of working for corporations, it is time for me to embrace my passions. Instead of slaving away behind a desk at a corporation, I will be passionately working on CaribbeanChoice and my business WisTex. While I did… Read More »

Remembering the Passion

Year ago, when I started my first business venture at the age of 13, I was fascinated by the magic of creating a business, and how it is possible to make money and help people at the same time.  Whether it was my mail order business where I sold advertisements in mail order publications, or… Read More »